Pro seriózní zájemce sdílíme info o kursu s Ernstem letos napodzim v Portugalsku. Kurs bude veden v AJ.


  • teoretická část (úvod do principů syntropického zemědělství, aplikace v různých ekosystémech, jak změnit produkční systém z konvenčního na syntropický)
  • management parcely založené v říjnu 2022
  • design a založení nové parcely
  • převedení konvenčního hrušňového sadu do agrolesnického systému

Bližší info zde:

Ernst Götsch, researcher and farmer, living, cultivating annuals, fruit trees and cocoa since 40 years in Brazil, developing and testing on areas in different ecosystems, strategies and methods for the recultivation of degraded areas, transforming them into complex and highly productive agroforests, for which the biggest external input, he needs for its functioning, is knowledge.

Knowledge in terms of the:
– employment of the dynamics of natural species succession;
– interactions between plants and local fauna;
– eco-physiological properties of species;
– the use of the potentials to favour life processes and productivity by the microflora and fauna of the soil.

The employment of his methods, described by him in papers like “Break Trough in agriculture” (ASPTA 1993) , “15 Principles For The Comprehension Of Life” (2016), and “Perennials” (Agenda Götsch 2016) etc. Additionally shown and popularized by numerous films, television-programs, interviews, workshops and consultancies etc given by him since 1979.
The names, he gave to describe his method , such as “Successional Agroforestry” and “Syntropic Agriculture” have been adopted by numerous people world wide for their use.


1 – Introduction to the Syntropic Agriculture principles;
2 – Syntropic Agriculture applied to different ecosystems;
3 – How to change our production systems, which are strongly dependant on external inputs, to systems working with natural processes, or, in other words, combining the high productivity agroecosystems with the constant improvement of the worked areas and without depending on external inputs as chemical or organic fertilizers, heavy machinery, pesticides and irrigation.

Activity areas:

– Maintenance of a field designed and implemented in October in 2022;
– Design and implementation of a new field;
– Conversion of a conventional Rocha pear orchard into an agroforestry system.

Language: The course will be given in English.