From Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October 2023 we (EssWaldLand) organize together with the Association Selva-Foresta Commestibile Tecetto, Agroecology Works! and the Permaculture Association Switzerland a Syntropic Agriculture Workshop with Ernst Götsch at two sites in the Canton of Tessin, Switzerland.

Ernst Götsch, researcher and farmer, living, cultivating annuals, fruit-trees and cocoa since 40 years in Brazil, developing and testing on areas in different eco-systems, strategies and methods for the re-cultivation of degraded areas, transforming them in complex- and highly productive agro-forests, for which the biggest external input he needs for its functioning, is knowledge.

Knowledge in terms of the

  • employment of the dynamics of natural species-succession,
  • interactions between plants and local fauna,
  • eco-physiological properties of species,
  • and the use of the potentials to favour life-processes and productivity by the micro-flora and -fauna of the soil.

The employment of his methods, described by him in papers like „Break through in agriculture (ASPTA 1993)”, “15 Principles For The Comprehension Of Life (2016)“, and “Perennials (Agenda Götsch 2016)” etc. Additionally shown and popularized by numerous films, television-programs, interviews, workshops and consultancies etc. given by him since 1979.

The names he gave to describe his method , such as “Successional Agro-Forestry“ or “Syntropic Agriculture” have been adopted by numerous people world wide for their use.

Now we invite him to Switzerland to answer the question on how we can translate this approach into smallholder agriculture and food forest systems in our temperate climate.

“Wouldn’t we achieve greater results if we sought ways of cultivation that favor the development of plants, rather than creating genotypes that support the bad conditions we impose them?”

Ernst Götsch